Nos tireuses à bières et à cocktails Beer Up et Drink Up !

Beer Up machine

La tireuse Beer Up

Dedicated to beer kegs

Beer Up, real draught beer fresh in seconds

Serve your friends a real cold draught beer in any situation ! You no longer need the skills of a barman to get the perfect amount of foam in each of your beer glasses !

A machine compatible with BeerTender® 5-litre kegs



For 5L beer kegs

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Our Collaborations are creative associations where we collaborate with trendy brands to create unique, limited-edition products. Each model resulting from these collaborations is a unique piece, to be savoured with curiosity and gourmandise.

Discover Beer Up & Drink Up machines in a unique spirit

Drink Up machine

La tireuse Drink Up

For all types of drinks

An infinity of creation

Drink Up is the new cocktail machine with endless possibilities ! Make your own favourite drinks in the 5-litre keg of the Drink Up machine : cocktails, mocktails and even craft beers !

With the Drink Up machine, you can drink your favourite beers too !

Our packs

Nos packs Beer Up

Want to turn your beer machine into a portable coffee table or float it in your pool to enjoy with friends ?
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Nos packs Drink Up

Add a Bluetooth speaker to your Drink Up cocktail machi,e and listen to your favourite tunes over a beer with friends !
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